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Getting Started
Your propane system consists of three parts:

1. A propane storage tank.
2. Underground gas piping from the tank to your house.
3. Piping within your home to your propane appliances.

Shasta Gas Propane is a full service provider, which means we are qualified to handle everything from putting in your underground piping to installing and servicing your new propane appliances.

How big is a propane tank?
Single family homes are served by various propane tank sizes depending on their annual usage. Tank sizes range from 120 gallons for single appliance usage to a 500 gallon tank for a very large home with all gas appliances. Most often a 250 or 500 gallon tank is sufficient for an average home. For dimensions of common sized tanks, please visit our Tank Size page.

Do I have to purchase my own propane tank?
No. Shasta Gas Propane provides a properly sized propane tank for a nominal annual fee. The annual fee includes any and all periodic upkeep & maintenance. However, some customers choose to purchase their propane tanks to avoid paying rental fees. Please be aware that if you own your tank you are responsible for all maintenance and the replacement of tank valves and equipment.

Can I put my propane tank underground?
Yes. Call us for details.

How much propane will I use in a year?
Usage varies depending on the appliance and the amount of people in your home.

Do I have to watch my tank and call for a delivery?
No. Shasta Gas Propane provides service on a "Keep Full" basis. Our drivers monitor your tank level and automatically schedule your next delivery. We also have a "Will Call Service" ( 100 gallon minimum ).

Why Shasta Gas Propane?
Shasta Gas Propane was started by Chuck and Judy Kinnie in 1997 and continues to be local family owned/operated.

Serving 4000 customers in Shasta and Tehama counties within a 40 mile radius of Redding/Anderson California we specialize in residential service so we can keep our prices lower.

Our employees receive safety training approved by the National Propane Gas Associations.

We provide discounts for Veterans, Seniors, Easy payment customers and various church ministries.
Simply call us to schedule your propane service.
Phone numbers: 530-365-3793 or 1-888-880-4GAS(4427)
Monday thru Friday
7:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

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